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In an industry awash with science and nutritional jargon, online retail giant The Hut Group this week announced they are set to launch a much simpler approach to buying vitamins and minerals online in the form of

Under the directorship of the UK’s biggest online sports nutrition company, will deliver premium grade vitamins and minerals straight to your door and all through an easy to understand, purposely designed website. Talking specifically about the site, The Hut Group Design Team said ‘We wanted to create a platform where people can order what they need based on their health aspirations. So simply if you want to boost your immune system you can easily navigate to the part of the website that tells you everything you need to know about your immune system and the products that have been created to help enhance it.’

Next looking at the product range itself, the Research and Development team have identified 3 ranges; ‘Complete’, ‘Total’ and ‘Essential’. The ‘Complete’ range has been designed to contain a blend of synergistic, All-in-One formulas that work together to fulfil a specific function such as improving sleep or better skin. The ‘Total’ range consists of individual ingredients (such as Green Tea Extract and Conjugated Linoleic Acid) all in their most potent forms for those more knowledgeable customers who prefer to ‘self-prescribe’ with the individual ingredients. Lastly the ‘Essential’ range includes single vitamins and minerals (such as Zinc and Vitamin D) that doctors or dieticians may advise you incorporate more of in your diet. Product Development Specialist at Jon Langton says ‘It’s believed by categorising the array of products available into these 3 sections will, coupled with the user-friendly website, make shopping for health supplements far easier and simpler.’

Lastly talking more about the booming supplement industry as a whole and the reasoning behind launching, Marketing Director Nicola Fitzmaurice says ‘Whilst industry continues to grow with multivitamins and fish oils driving such growth, we still feel a simpler service was needed to make vitamins and minerals more accessible to everyone. After months of development we feel we’ve done this with and think everyone will be really pleased with the site and service once we launch it on the Wednesday 1st of August 2012.’

For more information be sure to visit on Wednesday 1st of August 2012. 

About offers a fresh and simple approach to vitamins and minerals and prides itself on offering premium ingredients at great value for money. Forming part of the UK’s leading multi-product, multi-website online retailer The Hut Group it was established in 2012 and is set to revolutionise the way you supplement your nutrition.  Buying in bulk, manufacturing in-house and selling direct online to consumers allows to offer the lowest prices in Europe guaranteed.  Using only the finest quality ingredients and the latest production processes (certified to ISO9001:2008 by SGS, a UKAS accredited company), ensures the finest product quality is maintained.

Contact details

For further information or for images call PR Manager Ross Edgley on 01606  812 231/ 07841 749 167 or email

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